Leon Spinks pass away at 67. “the boxer who defeated Muhammed Ali”

Leon Spinks
Leon spinks

Leon Spinks pass away at 67. “the boxer who defeated Muhammed Ali”

There are few boxer who in the span of their boxing career would boast of defeating Muhammad Ali, Leon Spinks was one of them. He rose to prominence in 1978 after he defeated Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight championship, he rattled the world of boxing not only because he was 25 pounds lighter than Muhammad Ali but he was inexperience when been compared with his opponent he has only 7 professional fights under his belt.

In 2014 in an interview , Leon said “Ali thought i was a wimp and i had to prove him I wasn’t, i knew i could beat him after watching his fight”. Leon was inducted into National Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017.

Leon Spinks
Leon Spinks n 90’s

The former U.S Marine and Olympics Medalist experienced a few number of health issue in his penultimate years , although he retired from boxing in 1995  .

He passed away on Friday night , following a his battle with cancer. His wife Brenda Spinks was reportedly by his side at the time of death.

R.I.P to one of the world boxing legend, his memories lives on

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